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Nonpublic Agency #9903332

Cornerstone Educational Solutions is a Nonpublic Agency (NPA ID-9903332) approved by the California Department of Education that specializes in Educational Psychological Services. Cornerstone practices nation wide and is always expanding. 

Cornerstone is a group of Educational Psychologists with significant school psychology experience that provides knowledge and experience to the school and IEP team. A thorough, defensible psychoeducational evaluation is the CORNERSTONE of all special education placement and we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our evaluations but also the defensibility of each evaluation to stand up against scrutiny. Our Educational Psychologists deliver the assessment results to the IEP team in a manner that is clear, understandable, and applicable to the student’s needs. The entire team will walk away from the IEP meeting with a deep understanding of the unique needs of the student and what supports are necessary to help their student’s educational progress.  

Cornerstone provides psychoeducational support to hundreds of districts nationwide. Cornerstone has been able to help support districts with significant needs by taking on high volume of assessments as overflow assessments as well as taking on all assessments for full-time psychologists on leave or vacant positions. With over 150 psychologists, Cornerstone can handle whatever needs the school district presents- big or small- in a quick, efficient, and thorough manner while preserving the high quality of work Cornerstone has become known as. 

"...we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our evaluations but also the defensibility of each evaluation to stand up against scrutiny."

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What is a Psycho-Educational Evaluation all about?

​​​​​​​Psycho-Educational Assessments address concerns related to a student’s and adult’s academic performance and/or behavior both in the school setting and outside of school (i.e. homework completion, studying difficulties). A psychoeducational assessment is helpful to identify the source of the learning difficulties whether it be related to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Specific Learning Disorder including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Trauma History, Anxiety, and/or Mood Disorder.

Testing for Psycho-Education Assessment typically includes (but is not limited to) the following comprehensive types of assessments:

Additional Services

Cornerstone also provides the following services through the school district or privately:

Full Psychoeducational Evaluation

Cognitive, processing, academic, social-emotional and any other area of suspected disability needing testing.

Full Neuropsychological Evaluation

Cognitive, processing, academic, social-emotional, memory, executive functioning, attention and all other areas of concern.

Cognitive/ Processing Evaluation

Cognitive, processing, and any other area of suspected disability needing testing - no academic.

Academic Only Evaluation

Academic Testing

Dyslexia or Dysgraphia Only Evaluation

Dyslexia/dysgraphia specific processing and academic testing.

ADHD/ Executive Functioning Evaluation

Rating scales and testing for all attention and executive functioning concerns.

ERMHS Evaluation

Testing in all areas of social-emotional concern.

Functional Behavioral Analysis Evaluation

Determining the function of negative behavior displayed. Social-emotional testing, observations and interviews.

Psych Support- Per Hour

Psychological support for IEP or consultation including Manifestation Determinations (MD).

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