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Did you know? Interesting Facts about Autism and Asperger's Disorder

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) is an individually administered measure of general intellectual functioning. It is considered to be the GOLD STANDARD in IQ (ability) testing and is the most widely accepted IQ assessment tool used by Psychologists in the field. Administration of the WISC-IV will provide understanding of the students potential with an understanding of the the students overall ability profile with strengths and weaknesses noted. Knowing a students overall potential (IQ) is imperative in college and career planning and will provide a basis for future educational goals.

Administration of the WISC- IV Comprehensive IQ Test includes the following:
• Consultation with the Psychologist
• Administration of the full WISC-IV performed by the Psychologist
• A complete Psychological Report of the WISC-IV findings (English)
• Telephone meeting with the Psychologist to share the testing results

The cost is $350 due upon testing.

Testing a students IQ should only be done by a Educational Psychologist and should be a thorough measure of all facets of intellectual ability. An online IQ test is NOT accurate and is not an accepted measure of IQ.



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