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Did you know? Interesting Facts about social emotional issues
Social Emotional Issues
Social emotional issues affect many students at all grade levels. These issues need to be taken seriously from the first appearance of symptoms. CES provides in-depth testing to discover underlying emotional issues that may be affecting your student’s educational progress. Symptoms that may indicate the presence of emotional issues or an emotional disturbance can include:
1. An inability to make and maintain satisfactory peer relationships
2. An overwhelming feeling of unhappiness or depression
3. Lack of academic progress that cannot be explained by low ability level (IQ) or the lack of proper instruction
4. Inappropriate behavior under normal circumstances
5. Physical symptoms of fear associated with school or home

If your student presents with any of these symptoms and it cannot be contributed to a “conduct disorder” or “oppositional defiance” then he may have emotional issues that affect his educational progress and therefore he may be eligible for services through special programs.
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