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Did you know? Interesting Facts about Autism and Asperger's Disorder

A Learning Ability Profile Assessment is a series of assessments that provide exceptionally valuable information on a students overall Learning Profile. The assessment begins with assessing a students ability level (IQ) to determine their overall potential. The IQ test given is The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition (WISC-IV). The WISC- IV is an individually administered measure of general intellectual functioning. It is considered to be the GOLD STANDARD in IQ (ability) testing and is the most widely accepted IQ assessment tool used by Psychologists in the field.

Once the IQ score is tested, processing skills are assessed to determine a students learning profile. The way a student processes information determines how a student learns. By assessing processing one can grasp the students strengths and weaknesses within their overall learning profile and then work to improve and refine the need areas. Furthermore, by determining “HOW” a student learns, one can greatly improve study and work habits by utilizing strength modalities identified within the assessment and streamline their educational efforts. The processing areas assessed are:

  • Auditory Processing- is the ability to perceive, process, and discriminate speech sounds, analyze, synthesize (put together information that is heard) and reason with auditory stimuli, and also includes the ability to store and recall auditory information.
  • Visual Processing- is the ability to perceive, discriminate, analyze, synthesize and reason using visual patterns, and also includes the ability to store and recall visual representations.
  • Visual-Motor Integration- involves the transformation of information from reception to motor production.
  • Attention- involves brain controls which regulates what information gets selected as important and then gets acted on by the brains control systems.
  • WISC-IV IQ test is also administered



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