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Did you know? Interesting Facts about Educational Custody Evaluations
Educational Custody Evaluations
Cornerstone Educational Solutions provides Educational Custody Evaluations to aid the family court system in making educational decisions for minors involved in parental disputes or when educational questions arise needing expert opinions and recommendations.

An Educational Custody Evaluation is essential when:
• An expert opinion will provide the necessary assistance for the courts to make informed decisions regarding a minors education.
• Disagreements arise between custodians regarding a minors educational needs (selection- enrollment- termination of a particular school, maximizing educational opportunities for the needs of the individual minor).
• The minors academic progress is being impacted by the custody dispute.

What are the components an ECE?
• A thorough review of the minor's school records
• Interview with parents (guardian), minor and pertinent school personnel
• Social Emotional assessment to determine the minors level of adaptability and emotional competence or if the presence of an outside distraction (drugs, alcohol, peer pressure etc.) is affecting the minor’s educational progress.
Academic, Ability (IQ) and Processing Assessment to determine the presence of any deficits that may be causing educational difficulty for the minor (as needed)

What is provided to the parents and the courts?
• A thorough report reviewing assessment results and providing expert recommendations to the courts, attorneys and guardians.
• A meeting with the Psychologist to review the report and recommendations Advocacy for the minor if the eligibility criteria for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is met (as needed)
• Expert Witness Testimony (as needed)
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